Transformed Brain Transformed Life: Neuroscience and Bible Memorization

A DVD lecture series on Biblical mind transformation, neuroscience and Bible memorization. The series begins with the fact that scientists once believed that the brain was basically fixed or unchangeable. Today this idea has been overturned. Revolutionary studies show that the brain can be rewired. We can begin to have new enjoyments and begin to dislike things we used to love. This is great news for individuals who are trying to overcome bad habits.

Next we move into the science of being "born again." After that we delve into the life-changing experience of Bible memorization and it's central role in Christian victory. We also see how Scripture memory can strengthen the brain even into our older years. Later we look into true Biblical meditation and the dangers of a false meditation that is slipping into Christianity. The last three messages are on how to witness with the Word, abiding in the Word and gaining strength through Bible Promises. 10 life transforming messages on 5 DVD's with an additional DVD with the audio files on mp3. The mp3 files allow you to put it on your phone to listen anywhere you go.  Find out how to strengthen your spiritual life, boost your memory and enhance your witnessing. Great for personal study or small groups. Presented By Chad Kreuzer.


  • DVD 1
    1. The Brain Can Change 31:05
    2.  Mirror Neurons 32:48

  • DVD 2
    3. Science of Being Born Again 33:05
    4. Memory Transformation 29:02

  • DVD 3
    5. How To Keep The Scripture With Your Forever 39:59
    6. An Ancient Practice Revived 28:23

  • DVD 4
    7. True and False Meditation 35:07
    8. Witnessing With The Word 39:23

  • DVD 5
    9. Abiding 32:09
    10. Promises 26:15

  • DVD 6
    Audio MP3 files and select promises