NEW UPDATED VERSION 2024: The Gut-Brain Connection

$49.99 each

NEW for 2024 Updated Version: The Gut-Brain Connection and overcoming depression, anxiety, anger, lust and help with intestinal disturbances. A 6 part lecture series.

You will never look at food the same way!

In this seminar you will learn...
Powerful tips on overcoming depression and the gut-brain connection
How the gut-brain connection can help you overcome anxiety and depression
How what you eat can make you happy or depressed
About the diet of the world's longest living people
You will learn a temporary elimination diet to help find potential stomach irritants
Learn about a "health food" that may be destroying your happiness
According to the National Institutes of Health, the book of Daniel in the Bible reveals the first clinical trial in all of recorded history. What is interesting about this clinical trial, which was conducted 2500 years ago, is that it is a study on the gut-brain connection. Inspiration revealed, long before modern science, the staggering fact that what affects the gut will ultimately affect the brain as well. Is it possible that the majority of mental problems may actually stem from the gut? Is it possible to overcome depression, anxiety, bouts of anger and social anxiety by changing the way you eat? One of the greatest reasons people are not able to find victory in the area of overeating and eating unhealthy food is because they are taken captive by the negative aspects of the gut-brain connection. Instead of being captive to these negative aspects, you can use it to your advantage to help you overcome in various areas of your life. You will also learn additional information on the diet of the longest living people in the world. In this seminar, you will see how cutting-edge science proves what was given long ago by inspiration and how your life can be changed through this Biblical approach.
  1. Foundations of the Gut & Health 45:24
  2. Diseases and the Gut 51:21
  3. Gut-Brain Connection 56:40
  4. Destroyers of the Gut 55:40
  5. Addictions an dthe Gut 1:16:43
  6. Temporary Elimination Diet 23:41