Overcoming Seminar

$49.99 each

Understanding Victorious Living

In this seminar we look into the fundamentals of bad habits and how to overcome them. How are habits formed, and how can they be changed? Many struggle with a variety of habits ranging from anger, lack of forgiveness, lust, addictions to substances, repetitive unhealthy thoughts and a host of other vices. In this seminar we look at scientific, health, and Biblical principles that aid in the victory over habits. Presented by Chad and Fadia Kreuzer. Chad and Fadia share seminars on health, the Bible, and overcoming habits. They have taught in Europe and throughout North America.

Bonus DVD: The Victory Message (50 minutes)
Disc 1: Freedom and the Frontal Lobe (1 hour 2 minutes)
Disc 2: Good Stress, Bad Stress, Less Stress (58 minutes)
Disc 3: The Brain and Nutrition (56 minutes)
Disc 4: Forgiveness, Victory and Freedom (1 hour 3 minutes)
Disc 5: The Great Brain Killer and 7 Ways to Fix It / The Mind and Body Connection (1 hour 12 minutes)