Scripture Mysteries: Archaeologists and Theologians Answer Serious Questions

Scripture Mysteries is an ongoing series of films that investigate many of the key questions that people have regarding the Bible. Can the Bible be trusted? Was Jesus who He claimed to be? If God is good why is there so much pain and suffering in the world? Who is the Antichrist? What happens after you die? Many more are to come. By the time we finish the goal is to have 20 documentaries in the series.

Come with us on a journey around the world and throughout history as we look at prophecy and the future of the world. What does the Bible say about how the world will end? We travel and interview archaeologists, historians and other scholars to dig into the great questions of life. This is a great series to share with a friend who may not know about the Bible.

Finished Films

  • Episode 1: The Forgotten Dream
  • Episode 2: The Most Incredible Prophecy
  • Episode 3: Theodicy - If God is good why is there evil, a Devil, and an antichrist?
  • Episode 4: The Ark And The Covenant
  • Episode 5: The Antichrist Power Revealed
  • Episode 6: The Antichrist's Amendment
  • Episode 7: Death, Near Death and Life After Death