Here are 4 secrets to having success with your fruit trees. Fruit trees can struggle with disease, insects etc. What are some things we can do to help them be fruitful?

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Pruning Knife


Today potentially more people are struggling with depression and anxiety than any time in the last 50 years. What herbs have been used through history and now are backed by scientific research to be just as good or better than drugs with significantly less side effects? We will delve into some potentially life-changing natural herbal remedies.


Chamomile Tea

St. John's Wort

Rosemary Tea


Moldavian Balm seeds

What would you grow if you did not have a ton of space? What crops have the highest yield? What have the most nutrition? Here I have distilled down what I would consider to be, for me, the most important (or easiest) crops to grow to help sustain your family.


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Jerusalem Artichoke Tubers for planting

Short Season Jerusalem Artichoke Tubers for growing

Organic Kale seeds

Orange Giant Amaranth Seed

Giant beet seeds

Comfrey is one of the most powerful natural remedies known. It has been shown in peer-reviewed, scientific journals to be beneficial in arthritis, back pain, sprained ankles etc. People have even found benefit to old bone injuries and even frost bite neuropathy. We had a friend write us yesterday who tried it this week on a rotator cuff injury and within one day was feeling better. Have you ever tried it out personally?

Comfrey Salve from our friend Sofia

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Best book I know on natural remedies.

Comfrey Seeds

Beeswax 5 pounds

Comfrey leaf 1 pound

Olive Oil



One of the great experiences of homesteading and country living is using wood for heat and cooking. What would it be like to use an old fashioned crosscut saw to cut down trees. How hard would it be? If times became hard this may be the way many of us have to fell trees. I am here with my friend Andy Weaver who grew up Amish but was kicked out when his sister who left the Amish gave him a horse. You are not allowed to receive anything from those who have left the Amish.


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- 4 foot Two-man Crosscut Saw
- One or Two man Saw