What Foods Help Prevent Brain Deterioration?

Work with your body not against it.

Science is revealing that their certain food is better than others for your mind. All throughout life what we eat is shaping our brain in the present but also for the future. What food is the best for the brain?

We are looking at this quotation from a book called Life and Health and what it says is, “Grains, fruits, nuts and vegetables...impart a strength, a power of endurance, and a vigor of intellect, that are not afforded by a more complex and stimulating diet.” Now, what about this “vigor of intellect.” Now in 2015 in the journal Neurology, they talk about a study that was done with over 27,000 men and women and in this study they were looking at their diet, specifically what they were eating, what specific components of their diet affected their cognitive decline? Meaning, were certain foods associated with keeping someone from losing their mind, we could say, literally losing their memory. What they discovered was there were three clear things that helped individuals not lose their mind, as they got older. What were they? They were fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Now, there is a popular idea going around today that if you eat whole grains it’s going to destroy your brain, but the science just does not show that. Grains are something that have been eaten for centuries, actually for millennia and have held up empires as a result of these things and we actually see that those who eat the most whole grains actually have less cognitive decline. Now, for sure, if you have an allergy, meaning you are “gluten sensitive” or you are literally allergic to gluten, surely that wouldn’t be good for you, but in general, you want to avoid eating processed grains, but whole grains can actually be a part of helping you, right along with fruits and vegetables, so that you do not have cognitive decline as we get into our older years.