The Bible, Babylon, Quadratic Equations and How To Live Longer

A few weeks ago in the journal, “Science” a very interesting story came out about ancient cuneiform tablets from Babylon.

Approximate transcript. Hey this is Chad with Anchor Point Films. A few weeks ago in the journal, “Science,” and also ABC News a very interesting story came out about ancient cuneiform tablets from Babylon. Now if you are interested in the Bible you know that Daniel and his friends were taken captive and brought to Babylon. Scientists have now discovered cuneiform tablets, and they noticed geometric shapes on them. And as they studied these tablets, what they discovered is that these were actually astronomical geometric studies with something like modern quadratic equations. They were able to actually look at jupiter, that's what they were specifically talking about in in this tablet. And they can, through geometry, tell the correct position of the planet. Now that's very interesting. So they were extremely intelligent. Now it was thought that geometry like this, didn't come along for until fourteen centuries later. So these ancient Babylonians were very, very intelligent when it came to certain aspects of math and science.

But what's very interesting is that we see in the biblical narrative that Daniel was there, he was taken captive, and he was told to eat of the Kings food. So you can imagine the kings meat with the blood and in it. . . and the meat with the fat and the unclean meats.  Daniel and his friends said, "We can't eat that." And their leader is kind of afraid. And he said you are gonna get me killed if you don't eat this food, the king has given you this food. You better eat it. But Daniel and his friends would not do it. Then what happens in the story is that Daniel and his friends Shadrach, Meshach and Abed-nego or Hananiah, Michael and Azariah, those are their Hebrew names, that these ones wouldn't eat unclean foods,  the things that were common, the things that were unclean according Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy. They were staying faithful to the Bible. Instead they ate a plant based diet. What the bible called, “pulse” or things grown from seed. They did this initially for 10 days. At the end it actually showed that benefited the mental state of these young men, and it actually made them healthier. Daniel lived a really long time, I believe as a result of following God's principles of health. And wouldn’t you know, the people today, who follow the Daniel diet actually live longer than other groups of people in the world. This is absolutely Amazing. God's Word once again has been verified by science. But what I find very interesting is, for centuries actually for millennia we could say, that people continued to believe that eating the meat based diet, like you saw there in Babylon, was the healthiest way to go. Many people believe it today. But the longest living people on the planet are people who eat a plant based diet! Could it be that much of our society still has that Babylonian thinking? We see that they were smart in science, they knew a lot of about science and astronomy and these kinds of things. But their understanding of health would have benefited if they had gone back to live by the Bible. 

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