Can this diet enhance your brain and our schools?

Today we are talking about a simple change that was implemented in a school and in actually changed the character of the students. Now what I'm going to do is

, I'm gonna show you a video clip from our newest documentary called, "Eight Secrets to Ancient Health." Now if you haven't seen our documentaries we go around to archaeologists, historians, theologians, scholars, doctors, medical professionals of all different kinds. I'm hardly any of the documentaries. What we do is we go around to the specialists in these different fields. In this particular one we talking about health, ancient health, things that you see in Egyptians,the gladiators, the diet of the gladiators and how you can be healthier today by eating like the Gladiators. Or like the ancient, ancient Egyptians and how you can avoid some of the health habits of the later dynasties in Egypt. But we’re gonna look right now and see what took place at a school that changed the diet of the students. Transcript from "Ancient Health" Documentary. You man: ”I went on a plant-based diet five weeks ago.” Teacher "It's amazing because I even if they had had not told me he had a diet change. . . the first thing I noticed was he was bringing his school work in." Young man: "And my teachers has actually been bragging on how much better I have been behaving since I've been on the diet.” Teacher "In class he wasn't getting as distracted. . .  that he was paying attention. . . he was able to listen more closely. . . He was being alert, his discernment was better, he was more diligent. Everything.” Young man "I can pay attention more. My mind is more clear since I've been on the diet.” Teacher "Just a huge improvement.  But I also noticed he lost a lot of weight. But the main things I noticed was behavioral.” Doctor: "A study in a middle school has showed clearly that switching the menu from animal source to a plant source diet almost eliminated absenteeism. Increased and enhanced attention and homework performance, and performance at school. It almost eliminated acts of violence, as well as teen pregnancies.” Nurse "And so they just feel better. Everywhere the blood flows, everywhere that perfect circulation goes they feel better, not just in body but in mind. It clears up their thoughts even." Young lady "And every single day since I been on a plant-based diet the clarity continues to increase, And my face continues to look younger and  my body feels. . . I think I look more by vibrant. I have looked at pictures of myself before and after and I looked five years older even just 10 months ago than I do now. What we  eat does get turned into neurotransmitters, and actually helps us or hurts us depending on what we're eating in regards to our brain chemistry. And it plays a vital role in our health of the brain.” Doctor: “They’ll stay within three or four days days they seem to have clarity. They are alert.  They can listen in class better. They absorb more and they do better on their tests.” "It is amazing what changing from a typical standard American diet with the meat and processed foods to a plant based diet can do. It's totally changed my life. I can tell you that. That going from the standard American diet eating meat and eating all kinds of things, and I thought it was ridiculous to go plant based, I’ll be honest with you. But after I felt so much better. I'm 35 now and I feel better than I did when I was 16 years old, and I'm not kidding. I genuinely mean it. The energy that I have, I just feel so much better. And you know if you haven't seen our documentary, "Eight Secrets to Ancient Health" It is powerful. It is life-changing seeing how Biblical principles of health are shown to work out today, with modern science has shown that the message that we've been given. . . lived out today is absolutely transforming. Check it out at