Creation and Evolution: Answering the Question, Did Darwin Murder God?

Evolution has been taught as a scientific fact. In this four message 2 DVD seminar series we will look at this claim and see if it holds water. The first message is entitled, “Did Darwin Murder God?” Here you will see that evolution is based on a foundation of faith. Then we move on to the second message, “What About Ape Men?” From there we move to our third message that delves into the “Age Of The Earth.” And finally we finish with, "Textbook Deceptions.”


Many people have had questions from class, friends, family and television about the issues of Creation and Evolution. Do Christians have legitimate answers or are we walking by "blind faith." In this four part series we discover that we can have solid answers and a firm foundation for believing in the creation account of the Bible.

4 part 2 DVD series

  • Message 1: Did Darwin Murder God
  • Message 2: What About Ape Men?
  • Message 3: Age Of The Earth
  • Message 4: Textbook Deceptions

Great for Young People

Many young people head off to high school or college with no basis for what they believe. Give a gift of knowledge that could solidify your loved one for eternity.