Media on the Brain: Discovering Mind-altering Effects of 21st Century Media

A SIX DVD SERIES - We see it all around us. Hollywood, popular music, TV, video gaming, spectator sports, e-relationships, and pornography are saturating the lives of God's professed people. But what does the latest science say about the mind-altering effects of 21st century media? And what is the spiritual agenda in the entertainment and advertising industries?

Presented by author, speaker, and teacher, Scott Ritsema, Media on the Brain is much more than a seminar. Share this fast-paced, information-packed experience with those who need it most. Gain inspiration from families who have found freedom from media addiction. And behold something better in the character of Christ.

6 DVD's in the Set

  • DISC 1: Conformed or Transformed
  • DISC 2: By Beholding We Become Slaves
  • DISC 3: The Spirit of the Music Industry
  • DISC 4: Musical Manipulation
  • DISC 5: The Counterfeit Reality
  • DISC 6: How to Escape the Pleasure Trap

What folks are saying...

“I have always heard vague references about the dangers of rock music and that TV is bad for your brain but no one had ever presented the information in a well-researched format with supporting documentation from non-affiliated professionals. It would be really difficult to ignore that much hard evidence.”

“I always thought I controlled what I thought and no one else. This opened my eyes wide!”

“When you realize the intentions of those who produce the media you consume, it is a sobering experience.”

“The past weeks I have kept my commitment and I can see the difference it makes spiritually. Thank you so much.”