Pawpaw! How to Get Free Fruit Trees and Bushes!

Hey everybody, Chad Kreuzer here with Anchor Point Films. Just had a great experience. Just within the last few days my mother-in-law had seen some pawpaw trees growing on somebody's property.

The guy was out in his yard and he was riding on is riding lawn mower and I thought I am going to ask him…he had a big pawpaw tree. I said, "Hey, do you eat the fruit off of your pawpaw tree?" And he said, "Huh, what?" I said, "The tree right there…do you eat the fruit that grows on it?" He said, "No" I said, "I'll pay you some money if I can dig up some of the little pawpaw trees." The big one, I couldn't take that, but there were a bunch of little ones. He said, "Go right ahead and take as many as you want." I asked him if I could pay him and he said just take as many as you want. So, I came back. I dug up 10 pawpaw trees with my mother- in-law and she enjoyed it too. She loved it every bit as much as I did. We are so excited. Even if you don't have a bunch of money. I bought all the trees last year. I bought 7 pawpaw trees last year, but saved a bunch of money this year digging up 10 of them. They say that they don't transplant well, so some of them may not make it. I know one of them we messed up the roots pretty bad, but we'll hope for the best. You know this spring or this summer, you can find some people with different trees or different bushes or different things growing and you can ask if they have more than enough. Somebody else gave me some raspberry bushes. They had just overgrown, so they just dug them up and gave them to me. Some trees are actually patented. You can't take those or bushes that are actually patented. But you can as long as they are not patented. Other people can grow them. Check it out! Look into it! You may find that it's such a blessing to have these things. We have bought several trees this year and we will probably buy more next year, but if you can get them free, why not? Check it out. Get in the dirt! It's good for you…there's a real benefit for your health. We'll talk about that in the future…some of benefits to soil for your mental health. We are going to be doing some series coming up on scientific benefits of getting out in nature….how it's good for your mental health…good for your physical health…anti-cancer effects of just being in nature. Amazing information that is coming up. By the way, if you have any interest in having my wife and I come visit your church…contact us! and click on "contact us"