What Are We Up To?

People contact Anchor Point Films and wonder where we are in our travels. Well, we are here.

Chad Kreuzer here with Anchor Point Films. People sometimes contact us asking, "What's going on? What are you guys doing?"

We travel all of the time. Presently, right now, we are still traveling. We are still making films, but right now we are spending some time on our land. We bought some land connected to the national forest. We are doing some work, so we are clearing the land. We are going through the process of, hopefully, preparing to build a house. We have also planted some fruit trees. We have planted some apple trees. We haven't planted them yet, but we have some apricots. Last year, we planted a tree that many people haven't heard of…it's called a Pawpaw. It grows native in America. It's not a papaya, like they would say down south or maybe in Australia. It grows in North America. It's the largest fruit native to North America and it has a very interesting taste. It has kind of a tropical taste that some say is like mango, banana and vanilla…some say pineapple, also. To me it isn't quite any of those, maybe a little banana flavored. It's very interesting though. We have been having a fantastic time. One thing to think about is it says, "the sower went forth to sow". This is the time of year where people start planting their gardens and you might want to think about doing that if you already haven't. I hope the best for you. Have a great day!