This One Thing Can Make You Happier Tomorrow

This one thing can make you happier tomorrow

If you would like to find out more about how what you eat affects your mind...check out our lecture series called The Gut Brain Connection

A study was conducted a few years ago in the British Journal of Health Psychology and they were looking at 281 young people, around 19 years of age. They were looking at the food substances that young people were eating and what they discovered was, they would look at different substances and see how it would affect their well-being and their happiness. What they discovered was that eating 7.2 servings of fruit or 8.2 servings of vegetables actually made young people happier, but what was amazing was that it not only made them happier the day of, it actually forecasted how happy they would be the next day. Then you say, "Maybe that works for young people." or "281 young people, that is not a large study" Well, another study was done in the American Journal of Public Health that looked at over 12,000 adults. With these 12,000 adults they were looking at, they too discovered the very same thing-that how many pieces of fruits or vegetables you eat in a day affects your happiness. So, when you look at the chart, if you eat zero pieces of fruit or vegetables in a day, you would statistically be at the lowest happiness you can be. And if you eat one, it raises your happiness just a tiny bit, just a fraction, but if you eat two it begins to make a difference, three, four, five, six, seven, eight pieces of fruit or vegetables. This is amazing to think about-what you eat, what goes into your gut can affect your brain. Study after study is coming out on this topic of the gut brain connection. Could it be that many psychological issues, ranging from depression…could it even be that anger problems, lust, various different issues in life, many of them can actually stem from what's going on in the gut? If you want to know more about this, check out our lecture series that my wife and I do, called The Gut Brain Connection. Check it out at